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  • Blankets for Kids
    This is an all-volunteer organization that provides blankets for children involved in trauma situations. Chairman and members purchase soft fleece to make the blankets. Cutting parties are held, blankets are cut and then distributed to members at our meetings to tie the edges. They are distributed to local police and fire departments.
  • Blue Star Moms
    Members donate needed items such as shampoo, soap, popcorn, cards, white socks, etc at our monthly meetings. These items along with donated funds (to assist with postage) are given to the Blue Star Moms organization for four large shipments a year.
  • Conservation Penny Pines
    Donations contribute to reforestation.  At each meeting a donation box is circulated.
  • Cents off Coupons for military families
    To aid cash-strapped families of our Armed Forces, coupons from national brand products help fill the gap. The “cents off” coupons are accepted at overseas commissaries and post exchanges, with expiration dates not to exceed six months.
  • Dublin Historical Preservation Association  volunteers work at various events held by the Association.
  • Dublin PRIDE
    The club works with the City of Dublin in this two week Celebration. Our club takes charge of the Student Poster Art Contest.
  • Heifer International  With gifts of livestock and training, Heifer projects help families improve their nutrition and generate income in sustainable ways.  A donation box is circulated at each meeting.
  • KIND News  (Kids in Nature’s Defense) is a colorful, four-page classroom newspaper read by more than one million elementary school students nationwide. The purpose is to foster good character in children by focusing on the children’s love of animals and nature to teach key character concepts, like respect, responsibility , caring and peaceful conflict resolution.  The Club provides copies to 3rd grade classrooms in our communities.
  • Ink Cartridges
    These are collected at each meeting and sent to a computer company in the effort to keep the land fill free of these items. A redemption fee is paid to our club for this effort.
  • Music in the Schools  A patriotic music program for third grade students which is presented by the MIXED GREENS, music section of the club.
  • Pop Tops  Pop tops from aluminum cans are sent to the Ronald McDonald House to be used to support the facility. The pop tops are recycled. Moneys raised help families stay nearby while their loved one is in the hospital.
  • San Ramon Historical Foundation  volunteers work at various events held by the Foundation.
  • Scholarships  Graduating High School Seniors and Re-entry College Students in the TriValley can apply for scholarships of $1,000.
  • Senior Center-Dublin  volunteers work at various events held by the Center.
  • Senior Center-San Ramon  volunteers work at various events held by the Center.
  • Student Art  Each year a contest is held for students K-12 who attend school or live in Dublin or San Ramon.  Prizes are awarded; winners go on to District and State for judging.
  • Teen Job Fair  A student career fair co-sponsored by 4 local cities. Our club handles the registration, serves refreshments and provides interviewers for the mock interviews.
  • Operation Smile
    This volunteer organization provides surgery, free of charge, to children born with a cleft plate or cleft palate. We support this group through donations of money, necessary items like toothpaste and toothbrushes, sewing hospital gowns and smile dolls. We also provide fleece blankets. A small group meets once a month to make the magic happen.

Please make a donation today to help support our projects!

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