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 Today we would like to thank, Blackhawk Network,
a sponsor of our 22nd Annual Holiday Fantasy Event

In 2014, Teresa Cunha, daughter of a longtime member Virginia Castillo asked her boss David Tate, the senior Vice President of US Retail, to support her mother’s local Women’s Club. We are very grateful to Mr. Tate, who has gifted our club with a $500 donation, for the past 3 years, to the Holiday Fantasy fundraiser.

I asked Virginia how could we, in turn, support Blackhawk Network and she suggested that we could support them by purchasing  holiday gift cards from, the gift card section, located in our local Safeway’s.   So, friends and family, with the holidays quickly approaching please think of the gift card section, at our local Safeway, for  your gift needs.  

Thank you again, Mr. Tate and the Blackhawk Network! for your continued support.


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